Hifi’s Pop-Up Incubator is up and running

They did it! After five years of thought, research and preparation, Toby Portner and Melissa White opened the Hifi Pop-Up Incubator to rave reviews yesterday. Don’t miss it. There are events and hands-on workshops, launch parties (including my new web site launch party from 5 to 7 p.m. next Sunday) and fashion shows. And you can pop in any time to shop.

The shopping is exceptional, as many of the designers in the boutique do not show their designs anywhere on a regular basis. It’s an opportunity to see larger collections of the work of lines such as Lovelessizm, Amber Chesebro, Sierra Dew, 1979, Organik, Meleana and Umee, among others. Really a great place for gifts and a new spring look for yourself.

The kick-off came with a fun evening of Pecha-Kucha with a dozen artists, designers, photographers, industrial designers and architects showing what they’ve been up to lately. I apologize. I was so focused on my own Pecha-Kucha presentation that I forgot my camera. I’ll be shooting some photos of the space today.

Here are some random notes from last night:

Ed Fernandez of Organik introduced their new “Sirens and Sailors” collection. some very cute nautically inspired stuff. New fresh styles, including a striped sailor dress we are all going to want. Ed plans to sail his 30-foot Catalina from New Jersey (where he’s originally from) to Hawaii, stopping at all the places where Organik is sold.

Ardison Garcia of the U.H. School of Architecture presented an amazing blow-by-blow description of the process he used to create an architectural pleather dress. To say it’s like creating and working a puzzle is an understatement!

Karen Lee and Kelly Irvine fused architecture and fashion in “(Art)ificial,” with an assignment to students to map their bodies during the performance of activities such as surfing, yoga and dance and to derive a garment from the movement using materials such as panty hose, tulle, wire mesh and clear acetate. Fascinating!

Melissa Rivera Torres of unleashstudio.com, with characteristic enthusaism, presented “Fashion Meets Industrial Design.” Her goal is to make the world of ordinary objects more beautiful. Hey, would you believe stylish crutches and wheelchairs? Get ready, Boomers!

Fashion Forum member Sierra Dew shared her dream (which I have no doubt will become reality, given her drive and intelligence) of developing a collaborative space in Honolulu where youth can integrate into the arts community. She’s working with John Hina of 808 Urban toward this goal.

I presented my fashion-related and textile art, including my fashion monoprints with fabric collage, hand-dyed indigo and rust canvas panels and watercolors. Just fun stuff I do in my spare time to combine my passions for art and fashion. You’ll be able to see much more of my art after March 27 when we launch paularath.com. The web site will include this blog and a gallery of the art of Jerry Mayfield and Paula Rath.

Fashion photographer Kaveh Kardan, a frequent contributor to this blog, offered an inspiring talk called “Musings of a Mildly Competent Fashion Photographer.” As always, he underplayed his ability! A few pieces of his advice to those who want to pursue fashion photography:

  • “Mess around with light.”
  • Find a model who connects wiht you and the camera.
  • Capture the moment – don’t wait for the model to pose. Some of the best photos come at spontaneous moments.

There will be many events in the Hifi Pop-Up Incubator every day. Go to hawaiifashion.org to learn more. Or better yet, go down to the space and pick up a schedule.

– Paula Rath

– Paula Rath

About paularath

I'm a freelance fashion writer and fine artist in Honolulu. Expect to read fresh voices here through Hawaii's Fashion Forum.
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