New York models through the lens of Kaveh Kardan

Photos by Kaveh Kardan

Honolulu fashion photographer Kaveh Kardan just returned from New York, where he worked on his own portfolio while helping some up-and-coming New York models expand theirs. He has generously offered to share his photos – and a narrative of his thoughts during the shoots – on this blog. Here’s the first installment. Watch for more…coming soon.

– Paula Rath

Rusanna in the snow, a first for Kaveh.

I met my model Rusanna late on a sunny afternoon in February at the upper west side of the city.  We began our shoot at the Cathedral Church of St John the Divine.  I had come across the cathedral in a book of New York photography, and was drawn to it’s architecture and facades.  Local NYC photographer Matt Marquez was kind enough to act as my assistant for this shoot, and his lighting help and knowledge of the area were most welcome.

It was too dark inside the cathedral, and it seemed disrespectful to
try to do a fashion shoot, even a low key one, in such a place, so we
limited ourselves to using the exterior of the buildings.  Coming from Hawaii’s natural environments, the photographer in me is easily excited by old wooden doors and stone carvings.

After the cathedral, we walked over to Morningside park, where I shot my first ever fashion images in snow.  I had to keep reminding myself that this was the first time in ten years I had walked on snow.  It was warm enough that Rusanna could take off her winter coat for brief periods, giving us a greater variety of looks.  I was mesmerised by how her hair glowed when backlit by the sun.

Kaveh catches the sun in her hair.

We then walked over to Central Park, and shot at several locations
along the way, taking advantage of the last sunlight of the day as it
set over some very — to my eyes — New York looking buildings.  A few wide shots of Rusanna in the park wrapped up our afternoon’s shooting.

A walk in the park with Kaveh.

Then it was time to let Matt guide me through the labyrinths known as the New York subway system.

– Kaveh Kardan

The wind in Rusanna's hair captured by Kaveh.

A quintessential New York skyline.

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I'm a freelance fashion writer and fine artist in Honolulu. Expect to read fresh voices here through Hawaii's Fashion Forum.
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