Kawakamis ask for warm aloha for Japan

The Kawakami family, owners of Iolani Sportswear, have always had a warm spot in their hearts for the people of Japan. The Japanese have been loyal customers (both as individuals and halau) and they have made the three family members of Manoa DNA rock stars in their country.

So when Carla Kawakami witnessed the earthquake devastation in Japan she wanted to do something to help. Here’s her letter. If you have any warm clothes to give, they will make sure they get to the needy in Japan. Your kokua would be deeply appreciated.

“Aloha friends,
I know you must be getting inundated with stuff about the tsunami, but I awoke this morning with a need to help embedded deep in my psyche.

I want to designate IOLANI as a drop off zone for winter and warm garments for the devastated residents of Japan.  After watching how much damage was done, I know many will be in need of any and all things.
I collected a bag of new and almost new clothes from my closet- it took me no more than 5 minutes to fill.   I brought it to IOLANI as a first step in my quest.  Upon arriving to IOLANI, Grant Kagimoto from Cane Haul Road LTD stopped by to collect a donation for another fundraiser.  I mentioned that I wanted to start collecting warm clothes and he returned within 10 minutes with 2 cases of sweatshirts and tees.
Then I found out that Nick twittered that ManoaDNA will be collecting donations at Lulu’s tonight.  
This can work!
Please look in your closets!  Everyone I know has at least one coat or Jacket or sweater etc. that hasn’t been overly worn!  Yes, you may need it for your trip next year, but there is someone in Japan who will need it tomorrow!
IOLANI is located at 1234 Kona Street….above Side Street between Piikoi and Pensacola- the ramp on Kona Street heads toward the mountain.
Just drop off anything you have.  Meanwhile I hope to have a huge pile growing in my entry!


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I'm a freelance fashion writer and fine artist in Honolulu. Expect to read fresh voices here through Hawaii's Fashion Forum.
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2 Responses to Kawakamis ask for warm aloha for Japan

  1. artonawingpc says:

    What a wonderful idea and worthy cause. My prayers are with all of the victims and their loved ones.

    • paularath says:

      Apparently the Kawakamis have lots of friends in Japan so they can send the boxes directly to them. No need to wonder if your garments are going to get where they’re supposed to get.

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