Food becomes wearable art

Lotus root dress. Photo courtesy of Fashionrework

I discovered the fantastic work of Korean fine artist and photographer Sung Yeonju through the blog Fashionreworks.  He creates his dresses entirely from real fruits and vegetables. The colors, shapes and textures take on some amazing properties of silks, cottons, hemp and wool, don’t they?

Cabbage dress by Sung Yeonju

Eggplant dress

Spring onion dress

Tomato dress


I have made a gown out of recycled tarlatans and a cape of used coffee filters but these are beyond my own imagination!

– Paula Rath

About paularath

I'm a freelance fashion writer and fine artist in Honolulu. Expect to read fresh voices here through Hawaii's Fashion Forum.
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3 Responses to Food becomes wearable art

  1. artonawingpc says:

    Wow, I like this. The outfits are great, looking at them makes me hungry!

  2. Allie says:

    WOW! Is it weird that I want to wear that tomato dress? Tomatoes have always been a favorite of mine.

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