SOUTH by Andy South debuts at Neiman Marcus

Andy South's racer back top. Photos by Amanda Stevens

We fell in love with him on Project Runway. He has evolved into the go-to celebrity we all want to meet at every social event on Oahu. We’ve been waiting to see what’s next for Andy South. Last night the waiting ended as we watched Andy and Neiman Marcus Ala Moana’s Lucy Chelini introduce the debut collection of SOUTH by Andy South.

The collection was well worth waiting for. It features all the best of Andy South’s brilliant aesthetic. From the simple double knit racer back tank to the spectacular long sleeved higly structured evening gown, it is a superb collection.

Hey, do you know how hard it is to find an evening gown that is sexy but has sleeves? I once wrote a story called “Sexy with Sleeves, Please” because it’s such a rarity. I think Andy can expect this gown to blow out of Neiman Marcus.

For Andy South, it's all in the fit. Photo by Amanda Stevens

The Fall 2011 collection is elegant yet edgy, a combination that is hard to achieve. Andy plays matte against shine to flattering effect. He also uses his logo, “v” pointing south, to great effect. Chevrons appear on dresses tops and gowns, all directing the eye in a way that appears to take inches off a woman’s frame.

Andy is well aware that women want body concious clothes, but they should also be flattering, hugging in all the right places, giving a little in all the right places. His complex seaming and combinations of fabrics offer women an opportunity to put the best of their bodies forward in shapes that look deceivingly simple yet require complicated feats of pattern making.

Andy's LBD, with strong shoulders and flattering body. Photo by Amanda Stevens

Right after she had seen SOUTH by Andy South, Lucy told me she was blown away by the quality of the samples he presented to Neiman Marcus. Usually when a first-time designer presents to her, she said, there are lots of caveats such as “This sleeve won’t really be like this, it will have….” or “This isn’t really the zipper I will use…” Not so with Andy. “Everything was perfect!” she exclaimed.

Andy adapted this jacket from one he created for his audition with Project Runway. So flattering! Photo by Amanda Stevens.

The fall 2011 collection of SOUTH by Andy South will be available for purchase at Neiman Marcus Ala Moana in August.

Mahalo to Amanda Stevens for these photos!

– Paula Rath

What a gorgeous back on this LBD! Photo by Amanda Stevens

Andy's fall palette is all neutrals. Photo by Amanda Stevens.

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2 Responses to SOUTH by Andy South debuts at Neiman Marcus

  1. artonawingpc says:

    Andy’s show was incredible. His designs popped on the runway! There were sophisticated, yet still very wearable. The aesthetic was true to Andy’s design style yet evidence of “moving forward” and pushing it further was manifested in the show. I loved the choices of fabric. He used bamboo fabric that is very comfortable to wear and adaptable to climate. I loved the pairing of leather as well the interjection of chiffon. It was done in the same method that he did in the PR Heide Klum collection. His use of the down turned arrow as his signature was repeated in various ways through out the collection. Overall, the designs were cohesive and consistent. Andy’s narrative was very professional and informative. He exuded passion about his work and that captured the audience as did his beautiful, well crafted designs!

    • paularath says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I believe this collection will result in sales for Andy, and, hopefully, with other Neiman Marcus stores buying SOUTH for their locations. It would be so great in many fashion cities such as New York, L.A., Dallas and even the Las Vegas NM store.

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