Our paintings bought by Hawaii 5-0!

Jerry and I had some exciting news. The Hawaii 5-0 prop folks bought three of our paintings to use on the show. They “discovered” us in the Louis Pohl Gallery and selected three watercolors, two of Jerry’s and one of mine. Here are the two Jerry Mayfield paintings they selected:

"Otto Cakes," a watercolor by Jerry Mayfield

"Mercedes on Smith," watercolor by Jerry Mayfield

Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of my painting that they bought. I should know better! I should always photograph a painting before putting it up for sale. This is not the first time I have made this mistake. When will I ever learn? Anyway, it was a painting of a leek, one of my vegetable series. Here is a beet painting from the same series, to give you an idea of what it looks like:

My mother was so funny. When I told her, she said, “Oh, my, now we’re all going to be sitting on the edge of our couches, watching for your paintings instead of watching the actors.”

Well, no, I wouldn’t do that. There’s a strong possibility that they will just be art on someone’s wall in a scene that passes in a millisecond – or could end up on the cutting room floor, so to speak. Anyway, it’s fun to think of our work in the hit show.

– Paula Rath

About paularath

I'm a freelance fashion writer and fine artist in Honolulu. Expect to read fresh voices here through Hawaii's Fashion Forum.
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4 Responses to Our paintings bought by Hawaii 5-0!

  1. artonawingpc says:

    I love those paintings! How wonderful. I cannot wait to see those on the screen!

  2. Allie says:

    AWESOME! That’s really exciting for both of you. Hoping your work makes it on air, even for a quick second!

  3. Emma Howard says:

    C0ngratulations to you both!

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