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Love my new denim jacket.

Fashion Forum member and Hifi co-founder Toby Portner once told me that her favorite garment in the world is a denim jacket and she is always on the lookout for the perfect one.

Indeed, a denim jacket remains a staple in many women’s wardrobes, including mine. I haven’t bought a new denim jacket since I found one in Sundance, Utah, about 15 years ago…until I spotted this one in Super Citizen. Isn’t Sandra Fowler a great buyer?

Not only is it adorable, with design details that make it fit and flatter (such as princess seams, elbow and shoulder patches and lots of functional zippers) but it’s also made by an ecologically responsible company called REUSE. Here’s a quote from their hang tag: “Generated from the belief that environmental awareness can coexist with fashion, REUSE recycles fabric from the textile waste stream to manufacture eco-friendly jeans, shorts and skirts with minimal new material.”

I must confess that I bought it for its looks, but how great to know it’s also eco-friendly.

Find it at Super Citizen, 22 South Pauahi Street. Phone 599-4333, e-mail supercitizenstore@gmail.com or on the web at http://www.supercitizenstore.com

– Paula Rath

About paularath

I'm a freelance fashion writer and fine artist in Honolulu. Expect to read fresh voices here through Hawaii's Fashion Forum.
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