Akihiko Izukura’s Work to be shown in Honolulu

In a previous blog (please scroll down) I mentioned two textile shows scheduled for next year in Honolulu, by renowned textile artist and sculptor Akihiko Izukura

Toyoko Motojima, who manages the Institute of Natural Textiles for Izukura-san in Kyoto, just sent me her exquisite photos of his work. Since they are far better than the photos I ran in my earlier blog about him, I thought I should share them with you. Enjoy!

Izukura will present installations both inside and outside U.H. and Linekona.

A few of the natural dyes created by Izukura-san for various silks.

And remember, Izukura-san will be here next January and February with shows at both U.H. Manoa Art Gallery and the Art Academy at Linekona. Don’t miss them!

– Paula Rath

Textile genius Akihiko Izukura.

A tunic by Akihiko Izukura. The weave is so complicated I can't even explain it.

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1 Response to Akihiko Izukura’s Work to be shown in Honolulu

  1. artonawingpc says:

    Hello Paula
    I love this post. This artist is so talented. Love the colors and textures.

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