Where Are They Now? Rebecca Breyer


Rebecca Breyer and her husband, Mark Niesse. Photos by Visionari.

This is the third in my series “Where Are They Now?” It lets readers know what has happened to former Honolulu Advertiser folks who lost their jobs on June 6 when the last paper published and a 154-year history came to an end.

Remember the byline of photojournalist Rebecca Breyer? She got married last May in Georgia then came home just in time to see the Advertiser close its doors.

Initially, Rebecca took a couple of temp jobs. She first worked as a trouble shoooter, repairing polling machines during the election. She then got a day job as an extra in the movie “Battleship,” first playing a military wife, then a soccer fan.

Take a dip in the wedding dress.

Rebecca is now freelancing for Visionari (www.visionari.com) as a wedding photographer. She covers weddings and edits the photos from wedding assignments. She said wedding photography is extremely different from news photography. “In news, you have to get THE shot,” that one shot that tells the story, she explained. “In a wedding, you have to get every shot with every key person in it and every shot counts and has to be fabulous.”

Rebecca said she has a lot of enthusiasm for weddings because “I still have that wedding glow and I want to get married again and again. I get to relive it through the bride’s eyes and that’s really fun. I like to tell the bride to enjoy every moment ’cause it goes by so fast.”

It wasn’t always easy, Rebecca said. “Last summer I was unemployed and felt rejected and unwanted and I was going quite stir crazy. Then I found Visionari and I’m so grateful and feel like I have a purpose and I feel like a renewed person.”

Rebecca said she believes “Wedding photography is like graduate school, as it’s completely different from being a photojournalist.”

Another notable change: She is wearing skirts and blouses instead of cargo pants and athletic shoes. And, hey, that makes her happy too,”cause I like looking like a girl.”

The footwear of choice for Rebecca and Mark.

The owner of Visionari, Jon Lagon, recently asked Rebecca if she would be willing to sacrifice her wedding gown for a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot. She was, and the photos in this story are the result. She had a ball and said she would do it again in a heartbeat. In the end, the dress wasn’t totally trashed. Although she lost a few beads, she washed it and “I can wear it again,” she beamed, with a broad bride-like smile.

– Paula Rath

A happy ending...for the dress? Nope. It survived.

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