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Kailua Running Company | 337 Uluniu Street, Suite 101A | Kailua | HI | 96734


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Running for Women is starting! Join us and run with other women stepping it up in 2011!

Meet at Kailua Beach Park tomorrow, Thursday, January 26, 8:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m. to get acquainted and join the running. We’ll be in the parking area across from Buzz’s Restaurant. 


We are offering Competitive running and Intermediate/Advanced Running. If there are enough beginning runners, we will offer beginning running. We do need 6 runners to host a class; if you have interest, pass this along to others and have them join us!

We will help competitive runners reach their time goals for any of 10K racing or half-marathon or marathon running, and we will help recreational runners work on their form and conditioning. Course pricing is $125  to $175 for 10 weeks  of classes. 


The Coaches at Kailua Running Company

808-262-3278 (leave message)  

Running for Women info and sign up sheet 

Susan Redpath
Kailua Running Company

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Kailua Running Company | 337 Uluniu Street, Suite 101A | Kailua | HI | 96734

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