The latest from Tapestries

Tapestries by Hauoli
Ala Moana  973-0566
Pearlridge  483-0810
Just arrived!
NEW 2011 Flax

Did you know that one of the founders of FLAX, Virginia vonWellsheim,  lives in Kipahulu on Maui? She started the company with her twin sister, Jeanne Engelhart, but fled the urban fashion life for a farm in Kipahulu more than a dozen years ago. She now runs an organic farm, raising avocados, papayas, taro and bananas, in her back yard.

I wrote a story about Virginia in February, 2000, because she was taking her sister’s FLAX clothing and hand printing it with leaves from her garden. She sold the clothing in shops on Maui and used the proceeds to support the farm.

Isn’t it amazing how many Island connections there are with Mainland fashion firms?

– Paula Rath

About paularath

I'm a freelance fashion writer and fine artist in Honolulu. Expect to read fresh voices here through Hawaii's Fashion Forum.
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1 Response to The latest from Tapestries

  1. Hi Paula
    I love Flax clothing. I have been wearing that brand since the mid nineties. Tapestries is one of my favorite stores.

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