Kaitlyn Metcalf update

Kaitlyn Metcalf

One of the great things about fashion shows is that you often get to see like-minded friends you haven’t seen for awhile. Last night’s Polyascko2 event allowed for lots of renewed friendships. Kaitlyn Metcalf, who modeled for me at The Advertiser way back when she was a junior at Punahou, has now graduated from college and is freelancing in L.A., mainly for VH1.

She is doing good work both behind and in front of the camera. Here’s one of her new projects:


Do check it out. It’s a great way to become familiar with the sport so many of our significant others love. My husband played football in high school and college and he is a huge Warriors fan, as well as following the Denver Broncos and several other teams. I usually don’t even watch with him because I am so dumb about football. But Kaitlyn is helping me bridge the gap. Maybe she can help you too.

I also saw Kaitlyn’s father, Kyle Metcalf, whose video hobby has really taken off. He recently videotaped Will Hoover’s concert at KHPR. It’s a fabulous way to see and hear Will, a dear friend of mine and a major talent on the Honolulu music scene. Check it out:

– Paula Rath

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