Toby gets nail happy

Toby's pedi. Photos by Andi Gaspar.

Fashion Forum member Toby Portner of Kaimuki chose nail art as her holiday trend. True to form (she’s a resource teacher with the DOE), Toby did lots of research regarding nail trends. In fact, she reports that she tried at least five colors at the same time and “Wore a crazy manicure in public for two days. A Google search led me to Temptalia, Refinery29 and Pampered and Polished. I sampled from these basic categories: neutrals, gem tones, metallics and classic red for the ’50s look.”

Ten cute toesies. Photo by Andi Gaspar

Here are the colors she tried:

In the Buff from MAC: “Turns out to be a great color for browner skin; it made my pale hands look washed out.”

Greige: Sephora from OPI

Particuliere: from Chanel

Russian Navy: from OPI – “Inky, softer than black. Worked well with silver embellishments.”

I’m Suzy and I’m a Chocoholic: from OPI – “Rusty, autumnal crimsony brownish red. Felt very ’50s.”

Emerald City: from Revlon – “Dark and  metallic with a suede finish. I love the color but it takes a lot of soaking to get it off the nails.”

“There are five naturals from the Marc Jacobs runway show and there I learned about mixing your own colors. Who knew?”

In the end: “I went to The Nail Room in Kaimuki for a mani-pedi and Salon Cherie in Waikiki for the nail art. On one hand and one foot I went with You Don’t Know Jacques, my pedicure standby from OPI. This brown/gray/smoky mushroom color goes with everything and works for all seasons. After all the research, it remains my favorite.”

Love this look! Photo by Andi Gaspar

“Anri (nail artist and owner of Salon Cherie) worked in the metallics by adding silver- and gold-tone studs in a pattern on one big toe. She worked in the military trend by applying a camouflage design on my ring finger. One hand got dark red (I’m Suzy, as mentioned above). Anri added a leopard design on the ring finger. I wasn’t sold on the idea when she mentioned it but it worked in the camel trend and was the nail everyone commented on for the two weeks I wore the manicure. I’d do that one again.”

“The last foot got Russian Navy. Anri added metallic with a 3D silver heart and a red gem.”

A mani with imagination. Photo by Andi Gaspar.

Her conclusion: “Anything goes when it comes to nail colors right now. Keep it clean and fresh and don’t feel limited! The nail is a perfect place to try trends without a big investment. The neutral/greige trend continues into spring. Nail art is a fun way to accessorize and work in trends in a subtle way. The 3D work (Anri’s specialty) wouldn’t work on my hands because I’m busy in the garden. It was fun on my toes and I couldn’t feel it while working out. The design didn’t ship or fade in the ocean and lasted over two weeks without visible damage to the nail.”

“I recommend that, to extend the manicure, you buy the color so you can do your own touch-ups.”

– Toby Portner, as told to Paula Rath


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I'm a freelance fashion writer and fine artist in Honolulu. Expect to read fresh voices here through Hawaii's Fashion Forum.
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